The Horror Doll

The Horror Doll

For quite a stretch I worked for a site called The Kinky Web. I was writing columns in Dutch about Kink. The owner of the site was submissive at heart so his whole concept of ‘Kink’ was shrunk into promoting commercial Dominatrixes. Going to this site would make a person believe that love is a state of mind that can be bought by the hour if you just followed the links on his site.

I had many conversations with him on that subject over a few beers and wodka, but his strategy stayed the same. He was madly in love with a commercial Dominatrix, so he really had a hard time fighting his own tunnel vision about kinky sex.

In a way he paid me for the kinky part in a site that was dominated by his own lengthy and often poorly written aubades to his Dominatrix, loosely mixed with advertorials for her colleagues.

I got bored with writing columns for him pretty fast, because whenever I was not all but gloriously positive about commercial BDSM, or simply wanted to put more emphasis on BDSM without paid services, the whole crowd there came trolling me. So, I suggested to make videos instead. It is way harder to get my lines out of context, if I am converting my ideas into imagery.

He agreed and I went to work with Julia, one of my favorite models and she was basically improvising on several themes. The clip I liked most was about Julia mimicking BDSM play with hot wax, spanking, the whole shebang. A doll substituted for a masochist.

Now the owner of the site was in a divorce and he saw very little of his daughter at the time and you know what happens with parents who have little parenting to do. Yes, they become ├╝ber parents. A lot like smokers who stopped smoking soon become the most aggressive anti-smoking lobbyists around. So instead of seeing a doll being substituted for a slave, he went on and on about little babies in BDSM movies. He was not censoring me, he was actually threatening me with the possible responses of his own BDSM trolls.

I was not letting go of the clip, so I tried to sweeten the deal by framing the clip into an animation that would sort of represent the moral majority in BDSM.

His comment: You made it even worse than it already was!

Maybe he was right, although I really doubt his objectivity.

That being said, here is the original clip:

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