In the Studio (1)

My partner Eveline is a real Paparazzi when it comes to documenting my work in the small studio at Nieuwmarkt 221. This raw clip is about two of my favorite models: Tess and Lena.

In general it is a good setup if you have two people coming over to be photographed in the same time slot. It is a lot better than the situation where a model takes somebody with him or her, because he or she is feeling uncertain about being photographed. The uncertainty I can handle, that is part of the job. If I could not deal with models feeling insecure or even nervous I would be a lousy photographer of people.

As a rule the person being brought to the studio as a chaperone of some sort is my biggest problem. I take my time photographing people, so a photo shoot can take up to four hours depending of how many ideas there are and how much time it takes to create just the right mood. All this time the chaperone has to just sit there with nothing do, getting bored or worse getting jealous which puts a lot of stress on the person posing.

So two people coming over who both love to be photographed is a very good situation to create photography. That is if you don’t get assistance in directing one model by the other. Still this was one of the happiest shoots of 2017.

Behind the scenes

The biggest problem with my kind of photography is to get the right kind of people to pose for me. I am not a fashion photographer working with a stylist and a make up artist. I am a portrait photographer at heart and my work has a certain erotic flair. That makes it even harder to find models who may very well think of me as a dirty old man. A label that suits me fine as long as people understand that they are completely safe on my studio floor.

Especially if people have to travel a long distance to come to my studio for the first time, it is even harder. They don’t know who I am, they have no clue where they going to, etc. etc. Just answering their questions in DM’s or E-mails is not enough.

Luckily most models come through people I have already photographed, but for those who responded to a call for models on social media we edited this video, based on clips shot in the studio during photography. Most of the material was made with compact cameras and cell phones, so the quality is poor, but it really helped some people to set an appointment.

December 21, 2017 update:

The new site going live at January 1, 2018 will not have this clip on the ‘About’ page. We are working on something new and a bit more professional I hope.