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Eva Novakova

Eva Novakova

As you can see, I am still working on the Burlesque series. Above a show portrait of Eva Novakova, a very talented artist who works in Burlesque but also as an aerial acrobat in the circus. Of course she does her own styling and make-up as many people in this business do. With great success, I may add.

She loves plants, talks to them, and she is an expert in nutrition for plants. She has a loving partner who is an acrobat for the Cirque du Soleil and other circuses. His specialty is stunts on bicycles. A successful couple, indeed.

For me, these shoots are quite easy, like photographing an already existing artwork, since Eva is also a very experienced model. During shoots like this, I tend to mutter: “I am only pushing the button here.” Although I am very happy with this picture, I also enjoy the challenge of photographing people who are less experienced in modeling.

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