Russian Poetry Lesson

We do not always get along very well, but Alexander is my only real contact in Russia and I love the man. I worked with him on the first Russian Museum for Erotic Art, at the Novy Arbat, quite close to the Kremlin. I was amazed by the productivity of the Russian construction workers who built the largest museum of its kind in little over three months. I also fell in love with Moscow, the city I never wanted to visit before business took me there.

In my mind Moscow was painted in grays, but in reality I was amazed by the subtle use of color everywhere in the heart of old Moscow. This experience profoundly changed my way of working as a photographer. Suddenly, almost overnight I changed from black & white to color, although I never matched the subtlety of the Russian colors. My first visit was seven years ago and in 2016 I worked in Moscow for two full weeks and that was heaven.

Working with an interpreter at my side was not ideal and I decided to study Russian. I used to learn languages very fast but at age 61 I had to except that it was almost undoable for me to learn Russian. That really saddened me, especially since Alexander does not speak English and most of our fights start out with misunderstanding each other while using Google Translate during our long conversations on WhatsApp. So, look at this animation as therapy for me.

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