Uncensored / NDSM-fuse / 2020

In 2020 on my 65th birthday, I was asked to do a solo exhibit at NDSM-fuse.

I had told myself that I would never ever do an exhibit again, since my works do just as well in magazines or on websites, but I really liked the space.

The exhibit called Uncensored featured works from 1977 to 2020.

Much to my surprise, the show was visited by people I photographed decades ago, and I had not seen them since.

So, that was a very happy reunion too.

The exhibit consisted of two parts. The first was a rerun of the Gender! exhibit I had made for ZonMw, department Gender and Health. A project for the government to create more understanding for those who occasionally live a life in between genders as Drag Queens.

It opened during Pride Week.

The second part was a selection of about 350 photographs made between 1977 and 2020, featuring all sorts of works focused on humans and their often complex sexuality.

There was a portable studio in the NDSM-fuse space and I managed to get some photography done.
It was odd to have so much space at hand, since I am used to working in a tiny studio space.

I was lucky enough to have this exhibit in between lockdowns. Much to my amazement, there were plenty of tourists. Another exhibit of my work in Zürich, Switzerland was cancelled twice due to the pandemic.

Gender! – 2019

This exhibit was definitely different to most exhibits I had in the past, since the government was taking care of most costs, framing and transport of my works. That was a whole new experience. Usually, an exhibit of this kind is an enormous financial burden because of its location, a beautiful office building with lots of art in it, but hardly any visitors looking to buy photographic art. Here the main goal was to educate. It was different, but I liked it very much and so did the drag queens I photographed, who were surprised to see there is a whole government department focused on gender and health.