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While organizing a trip to Amsterdam for my old friend Alexander Donskoy who facilitated my first exhibit in Moscow, he unexpectedly asked me how much time I could free up…

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KamaSutrA Festival

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At first we were a bit reluctant to participate in The KamaSutrA Festival in Utrecht. We imagined the event to be all about vibrators, piercings, sex toys, pole dancing etc.…

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Street Photography

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Once in a blue moon I spend an afternoon with John Melskens, one of Amsterdam's finest street photographers. We don't go that far into the city and we don't spend…

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Working as a photo journalist

I started out as an assistant portrait photographer and I liked that job. When the contract ended there was this job opportunity in advertising. The pay was good but I…

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Herbert Gentry

Artist Herbert Gentry (1919-2003) made vibrant expressionist paintings of figures and faces, mixing global influences and African American experience. Referring to his childhood during the Harlem Renaissance, Gentry asserted 'Harlem…

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René Shapsak

Born 1899 in Paris, René Shapsak studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, London, Bruxelles, emigrated to South Africa in 1932 or 1934, lived in Johannesburg (47 Saunders Street,…

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