Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt

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Open house at Hans van der Kamp Photography on Saturday October 7th and Sunday October 8th 2017. You are all most welcome to look around in my modest studio and…

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Rockers Revisited

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Recently a friend in the US requested photo copies of the Rockers series for a poetry project and I started looking at the sheets with negatives. Most of these images…

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Artundressed, Miami Florida

On May 18th the ArtUndressed festival kicks off in Miami, Florida. I am participating in the nude art exhibit with three works. Two photographs from the series 'The Russians Are…

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A new website

After deactivating my personal account on Facebook I noticed that I lost interest in most other networks too. But I did in fact miss a few things. Such as easily…

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A sad week

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I love Russia, or better I love the Russians. I have very little to state about the Russian government. To me it is a government like any other, maybe corrupt,…

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