To me, it is ages ago when I decided that my basic themes would be gender and sexuality. I was quite ignorant then, because I thought I would cover most…

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Under attack

There are about 12 sites on my server and they are all under attack. Somewhere, there is a backdoor in one of the Wordpress plugins. But there are literally hundreds…

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1999-2000 Role Model

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1999 and 2000 for me were the last years of analogue photography. I believe I switched to a Nikon D1 by the end of 2000. I was recovering from major…

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The exhibit at NDSM-Fuse came in two parts. The first part was a prequel during the Pride and featured a selection of works of the GENDER! series.(See video. Dutch only,…

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The June exhibit of 21st Century Madonnas in Z├╝rich, Switzerland was cancelled due to the lockdown. Plans to get the GENDER! exhibit on the road for artistic and educational purposes…

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New site

A few months ago I received an E-mail telling me that a major job was postponed, so I decided to work on my websites and do some writing. Once the…

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An experiment

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  All the works currently exhibited in The Hague at ZonMw have tiny cards with title and year attached to them. You have seen cards like that at almost every…

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