An experiment

 An experiment All the works currently exhibited in The Hague at ZonMw have tiny cards with title and year attached to them. You have seen cards like that at almost every exhibit. The experiment was to add QR-codes to these cards. People can scan these codes with their phone. Their phone will then connect with […]

New Exhibit: GENDER!

New Exhibit: GENDER! Starting January 30th until the end of March I will be exhibiting a series of photographs in The Hague. The show will be in the main hall and on the first floor of ZonMw and is organised by its department for Gender and Health.  Statistics tell me that 90% of the visitors […]

Bill Haley at

Bill Haley at Getting older as a photographer has some real advantages. Photography is like good wine. It gets better with age. Occasionally somebody contacts me using the web form to ask if they can use a picture I made 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. Which is what happened last week. And […]

1971 photograph

1971 photograph People often tell me I am obsessed with sexuality. I do not think that is true, although I must admit I am intensely fascinated by people who are not middle of the road. The photograph above, taken in 1971 when I was only sixteen may lead the viewer to think I was a […]

Angelina Loqui

Angelina Loqui I am still working on the Third Gender series, and I will probably be working on this project for the rest of the year. Not because it is hard to find the right models, but I am no expert at socializing on networks, and I am quite strict when it comes to making […]

The Third Gender

 The Third Gender There are already some previews on my Facebook profile and this site. It is probably the largest project I ever embarked on. It is my aim to photograph at least a hundred persons who express themselves with a total lack of conventions when it comes to gender stereotypes. In a way this […]

The New Site

 The New Site This new site is a make-over of the old one dating back to 2016. Although the previous one was responsive, this one is even better for use on phones and tablets. I am no fan of smartphones, but I do like to adjust to people visiting my site. Also, this site is […]

A promise kept

 A promise kept While doing the make-over of this site I found a post about Dollification. In that text I promised to feature dolls in my portfolio. As I now realize, I never did. Maybe this was caused by a lack of models. Dolls are hard to find. It is easy enough to turn any […]