Looking back

Looking back Creating this (partially) new website is also a stroll through my archives and I dug up some of my oldest photographs and I put them in perspective on a page called Early Photographs. I am doing this against my old rule that no photograph should ever need text to accompany it. In this […]

Merging sites

I am a compulsive website creator, so I often end up with about seven to ten sites for different projects covering different disciplines or subjects. I am not saying that I will merge all these sites into one, but at least three will be merged into this one site which has been mainly focused on […]


Controversial To me, it is ages ago when I decided that my basic themes would be gender and sexuality. I was quite ignorant then, because I thought I would cover most of what I was looking for in about five years. It became a project with no end in sight. Social media came and the […]


UNCENSORED at NDSM-Fuse The exhibit at NDSM-Fuse came in two parts. The first part was a prequel during the Pride and featured a selection of works of the GENDER! Series. (See video. Dutch only, I am sorry.) The second part was a retrospective exhibit, including the complete GENDER! series and works from different series between […]


UNCENSORED The June exhibit of 21st Century Madonnas in Zürich, Switzerland was cancelled due to the lockdown. Plans to get the GENDER! exhibit on the road for artistic and educational purposes were postponed. Luckily NDSM-fuse had 600 square meters available for an exhibit. At first I was quite overblown by the idea of filling such a large […]