Bill Haley and his Comets

Bill Haley close-up

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During his last tour in Europe, Bill Haley visited a popular Dutch TV show. He performed, and afterward I was lucky enough to be selected to photograph him in his dressing room. There were a lot of photographers around who had the same goal in mind. I had two things going for me: I was with an editor of a small, yet very exclusive Rock ‘n Roll magazine. Also, the production manager of the TV show felt pity for me. I was the youngest of about twenty or thirty experienced photographers who wanted to get backstage. Haley was not at all prepared for photography, so he forgot to take his reading glasses off, which resulted in some rare images of him. Haley died about a year later.

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In the dressing room

Over the years I received many requests to publish these pictures. So, I decided to make them available as prints and downloads.

Bill Haley’s Last European tour