A promise kept


While doing the make-over of this site I found a post about Dollification. In that text I promised to feature dolls in my portfolio. As I now realize, I never did.

Maybe this was caused by a lack of models. Dolls are hard to find. It is easy enough to turn any human into doll, but I am no fashion photographer. I am always looking for real people doing what they love to do.

At age 50 I decided to start photographing all fetishes. A project I naively calculated to take at least five years. Now I understand that no photographer will ever finish such a job even if he had nine lives like a cat. But the process in itself is a wonderful journey too.

Today I posted a portfolio page with dolls. I will be adding more photographs along the way.

Click here to go to the Dollification page.

Through The Past (1)

Plumeau en Henny  de kapper - © Hans van der Kamp

1977, Utrecht. It would be nice to say that I was working my way through college by working different jobs, but in fact I didn’t see much of the Art Academy. I had random jobs. I would also work as a photographer for the Adonis Bar, a gay club situated at the city’s main canal Oude Gracht.

Occasionally I had a job at a factory producing tooth paste and I even managed to keep a steady job at UFAC, the main photo laboratory of the city for a few months. Mostly however I was diverting my time between getting drunk at student parties or hustling the local gay scene. A young man or boy with acceptable looks and a diverse sexuality truly is blessed in this world.

Soon I became the main photographer of the Adonis Bar and I would be summoned in the middle of the night by Henny the Hairdressser (middle) or Plumeau, the local Drag Queen celebrity. They would ask me to document just about every adventure they embarked on. Such as this nightly ride in a carriage rented from a company specializing in wedding ceremonies.

Much like today this was not without danger. They were sitting high and dry and I was running along the pavement to capture the glamour of it all. I was charging one guilder for each photograph they liked. I have had worse jobs in my life.

Roxy Diamond

Roxy Diamond

I am currently working on a series about Drag Queens. Gender diversity is a theme I have been working on since I started being serious about photography.

This time I am also really serious about the idea of publishing a book with material ranging from the 1970s up to 2018. My goal is to photograph at least a hundred Drag Queens, so expect this site to deliver a lot of images of Queens in the months to come.

Much like the series about Burlesque performers it is wonderful to work with people who have self-expression at the center of their art. That is quite the opposite of what I do in my work as a photographer where I often wish to be invisible.