https://vimeo.com/348953603 I do not think I will be regularly updating this section in the near future, since I am working on a new project, called NTV. For this project I…

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Bill Haley at Pleasekillme.com
Bill Haley 1979

Bill Haley at Pleasekillme.com

Getting older as a photographer has some real advantages. Photography is like good wine. It gets better with age. Occasionally somebody contacts me using the web form to ask if…

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Drag King Di Luca

Sometimes you get lucky. For years I tried inviting Drag Kings to my studio. Somehow it never happened and then one day I ran into Di Luca. For those of…

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Amy Astoria

I have not updated my site since June 2018 and there is a reason for that. In June 2018 my mother, age 87 fell ill and I decided to take…

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Queen Swan

As a young photographer, I was pretty confused. I guess most young people are confused in one way or another. My mother was a war victim, my father a loving…

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Obesia Grandé

At times I have to remind myself that it is not completely true when I say I am a portrait photographer at heart. I may have started out as a…

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1971 photograph

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People often tell me I am obsessed with sexuality. I do not think that is true, although I must admit I am intensely fascinated by people who are not middle…

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