The Third Gender

There are already some previews on my Facebook profile and this site. It is probably the largest project I ever embarked on. It is my aim to photograph at least a hundred persons who express themselves with a total lack of conventions when it comes to gender stereotypes. In a way this project is the continuation of a series I started in [...]


The New Site

This new site is a make-over of the old one dating back to 2016. Although the previous one was responsive, this one is even better for use on phones and tablets. I am no fan of smart phones, but I do like to adjust to people visiting my site. Also, this site is way easier for me to update and I sincerely hope I will have more updates in [...]


A promise kept

While doing the make-over of this site I found a post about Dollification. In that text I promised to feature dolls in my portfolio. As I now realize, I never did. Maybe this was caused by a lack of models. Dolls are hard to find. It is easy enough to turn any human into doll, but I am no fashion photographer. I am always looking for [...]

Photo Blog

Through The Past (1)

1977, Utrecht. It would be nice to say that I was working my way through college by working different jobs, but in fact I didn’t see much of the Art Academy. I had random jobs. I would also work as a photographer for the Adonis Bar, a gay club situated at the city’s main canal Oude Gracht. Occasionally I had a job at a [...]

Film & Animation

Roxy Diamond

I am currently working on a series about Drag Queens. Gender diversity is a theme I have been working on since I started being serious about photography. This time I am also really serious about the idea of publishing a book with material ranging from the 1970s up to 2018. My goal is to photograph at least a hundred Drag Queens, so [...]