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Street Photography

Once in a blue moon I spend an afternoon with John Melskens, one of Amsterdam’s finest street photographers. We don’t go that far into the city, and we don’t spend more than one or two hours, but we always come back with something interesting.

These results I usually post on my street photography site as a complete series. Yesterday we went out with a different goal in mind. I was going to make a short film of him at work.

It was fun, but after filming for about an hour, I wanted to take some photographs too. I took three and there was one I liked, so I am posting it here instead of on where I tend to post larger series. Soon I will be posting the video after the editing is done in this same category, that is of course if the final product is any good.

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  1. Ja, een hele mooie foto – je had gelijk wat betreft de uitdrukking op het gezicht van het meisje 🙂

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